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Irix 15mm f/2.4 – È ufficiale

Come preannunciato oggi è stata ufficialmente presentata l’Irix 15mm f/2.4,la prima ottica della nuova azienda Irix Lens,nata dalla collaborazione con Samyang.

Irix 15mm f:2.4

Cominciamo col dire che questa lente è indubbiamente originale. La messa a fuoco è unicamente manuale e possiede una ghiera anche per il controllo del diaframma (nonostante quest’ultimo sia controllabile anche dalla fotocamera). Presenta accorgimenti e caratteristiche mai viste in altri obiettivi. Il primo è che l’ottica arriverà in 2 versioni distinte che si differenziano per costruzione ed ergonomia.

La prima,definita “Blackstone“, è quella premium. Il corpo è in alluminio e magnesio e ed è fatto per resistere a qualunque condizione atmosferica.  La cosa più interessante di questa versione è che le scritte sono fluorescenti,permettendo di vedere bene le informazioni sulle ghiere di messa a fuoco e diaframma anche al buio.

Irix 15mm - Blackstone
irix 15mm

La seconda è chiamata “Firefly” e avrà un corpo più leggero e con una ghiera più ergonomica. Secondo l’azienda sarà più adatta per quelle situazioni dove comodità ed ergonomia sono più importanti. Anche questa versione dovrebbe essere protetta contro polvere e acqua.

Irix 15mm - Firefly

Altra interessante caratteristica è la possibilità di applicare dei particolari filtri in gelatina direttamente sulla baionetta tramite un sistema a incastro appositamente studiato.

irix 15mm news1

Lo schema ottico è ovviamente lo stesso per entrambe le versioni. Qui di seguito potete trovare le caratteristiche tecniche.

Dati tecniciMTFDistorsione
IMAGE SIZE 35mm „Full Frame”
FIELD OF VIEW 110⁰ (diagonal)
FOCUSING RANGE 0.28 m (0.92 ft) – ∞
FOCUSING TYPE manual with lock function
APERTURE RANGE f/2.4 – f/22
APERTURE SHAPE 9 rounded blades
LENS CONSTRUCTION 15 elements in 11 groups 3x HR, 2x ED, 2x ASP
AVAILABLE MOUNTS Canon EF, Nikon F, Pentax K
DIMENSIONS (DXH) 114 x 100 mm (4.49” x 3.94”)
WEIGHT FIREFLY CANON 608 g (1.34 lbs)
NIKON 581 g (1.28 lbs)
BLACKSTONE CANON 685 g (1.51 lbs)
NIKON 653 g (1.44 lbs)



Questo invece è il video di presentazione dove potete osservare le varie caratteristiche di quest’ottica incredibilmente particolare.

Comunicato ufficiale

Meet the Irix 15mm f/2.4. The photographers dream. Built by engineers and perfected by designers.

The new ultra wide-angle, rectilinear manual lens designed for DSLR cameras guarantees exceptional optical performance.

The Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens is designed to deliver the best optical performance and match full frame DSLR cameras demands. Providing a focal length of 15mm, this new lens model is ideal for outdoor and indoor photography whether it is photojournalism, landscapes or architecture.

From 19 to 22 March, during The Photography Show in Birmingham, TH Swiss will be premiering new family of lenses. Visit Irix at Stand No F121.

Innovative technology

Combining capabilities specific to analogue photography with ingenious technology and solutions, the Irix 15mm f/2.4 is the perfect tool for both professionals and hobbyists. The new special features such as focus lock, infinity click and hyperfocal scale set a new level of manual lens functionality. Focus lock enables to lock the focus ring at any time enssuring the chosen settings. Hyperfocal distance scale gives information about the accessible range for depth of field for a given aperture simply and intuitively. When the focusing ring is set in the “infinity” position, there is a noticeable “click” (infinity click), making it easier to find the value without looking.

Extraordinary optical performance The Irix 15mm f/2.4 meets the most demanding requirements of modern cameras. Thanks to sophisticated optical construction and special neutrino coating, colour aberration, ghosting and flare effects have been reduced to the absolute minimum, so the lens is ready to meet the requirements of the 50+ megapixel sensors of the newest cameras.

The complex optical system consist of 15 elements in 11 groups. Three of the lens elements have a high refractive index and two others have been made from extra-low dispersion glass. The construction also contains two glass aspherical lenses that are responsible for extremely high image quality and improving image brightness at edges, while minimizing distortions and aberrations at the same time.

With a minimum focusing distance of 0.28 metre and 9 rounded shaped aperture blades, the lens stands for supremely smooth out-of-focus areas. Working with a narrow depth of field it allows the user to fully enjoy the bokeh effect.

Resistant to extreme conditions

Irix 15mm f/2.4 lenses are made with extreme precision, allowing them to be used in even the harshest weather conditions. Each lens is equipped with a weather sealed construction that protects the interior against dust and moisture. Thanks to inner seals they are also protected from accidental water splashes.

Prepare for more and create

Despite its short focal length and large aperture, the Irix 15mm f/2.4 is equipped with not only a front filter mount, but also has a rear gelatin filter slot. The design of the lens allows the use of 95 mm screw-in filters at the front in the petal-shape lens hood and gelatin filters at the back of the lens. This ensures unlimited possibilities for image creation.

Personalize your view

For the comfort of our customers Irix has created two versions of the Irix 15mm f/2.4 to meet their personality and individual taste.

Irix Blackstone: classic design meets maximum functionality, achieving the perfect match of innovative technology. The durable aluminium and magnesium body ensures foolproof protection of your lens, even in extreme conditions. Engraved fluorescent markings that reflect the light enable easy operation in all lighting conditions.

Irix Firefly: high quality mechanism in a handy design. Ergonomic focusing ring offers the freedom to capture the most ideal moment, whether it is big city architecture or wildlife scenery. The most lightweight lens in its class. Challenge accepted.

Irix Swiss Design

Irix Swiss Design stands for minimalism in style while maintaining maximum functionality. It is a perfect mixture of European design combined with Korean precision. The same look and feel of all products in the Irix family. The same consistency, product packaging and complementary elements, all perfectly shaped and fitting one another.

Ultimate precision

Each Irix 15mm f/2.4 lens leaving the factory has been properly calibrated. However, the focus calibration function provides the unique opportunity to adjust the focusing scale for a particular model of camera.

Potete trovare altre informazioni direttamente sul sito del produttore, Irix Lens.

La lente è acquistabile su Amazon.